Blackjack Terms – Component Three

Welcome to the third part in our Blackjack terms series. Last time we left off talking about the house’s advantage. Today, we’ll start out with “Even Money,” which occurs to be a sad moment for me personally. The final thing you need to determine when you’re dealt a Blackjack is the dealer having an Ace.

Even Money – When the dealer has a possible Blackjack-and you were dealt a Blackjack-you can ask for even money. If you do not take even money and the dealer has Blackjack, you simply push.

Expectation – I will not get too technical with this one. Essentially, it means the sum of money you are able to expect to win or lose past a amount of time.

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Face Cards – Real simple here. Face cards are the Jack, Queen and King. They’re all worth 10 point in Blackjack. There is no real difference in these cards unless you’re playing a side game like Royal Match.

First Base – This is the seat that gets the cards first.

Flat Gaming – When you flat bet, you’re just gambling exactly the same amount on every hand. This actually is not idea. Unless you’re merely playing for just a little fun and free drinks, you intend to change your wagers some now and then.

This occurs generally in internet play. It is when you’re the only person at the table. You are playing with all the dealer only. In actual casinos, some players such as this and they will move around trying to find empty tables. When someone else sits down, they get up and find another empty table. You will see some big time players request an empty table.

High Roller – We only talked about one in our Heads Up description. A high roller is someone who gambles a good deal. The actual high rollers will walk right into a casino with millions to wager should they so choose. They are also called whales.

Hit – Take a hit to get another card for the hand. It’s also called a draw.

That is the magical card that the dealer gets that you simply can’t see-unless you are playing a double face up game of Blackjack.

It is only the contrary of a cold deck. A hot deck is in your benefit and hopefully you are betting enormous.

House Advantage – We talked about this in our Advantage description. All casino games have a house advantage. The casino always has the advantage over you. Some games are better than others. For instance, Blackjack has a considerably lower house edge than Roulette.

Insurance – Many call insurance a sucker’s bet. When the dealer shows an Ace, you’ll be able to take insurance. It costs half your wager and if you take it, you want the dealer to have a Blackjack. Otherwise, you lose your insurance bet and now if you win, you simply win a profit of 50%, which isn’t pleasure.

See you next time when we go in the fourth part of our Blackjack terms series.